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Projects and Operations of Living Green Cameroon

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Living Green Cameroon is made up of youths who came from these affected grassroots communities. Growing up in these communities and witnessing these problems at first hand; poverty, hunger, child abuse, gender inequality, drug abuse, crime wave, diseases, juvenile delinquency, lack of quality education, corruption, cultural related violence and environmental hazards yet no adequate solution is being implemented. This is why we have come together to take collective action and generate solutions to these problems. Working in the community, we have observed that youths, if empowered they are able to develop their various communities through embarking on series of projects that can bring about the beautification of their community without depending on the government.

  • Christmas Visit to AZI Orphanage

    2015 has been a great year and a very special one working with AZI Orphanage all through the year . On the 23rd of December 2015 at 10PM the entire members of LGC visited AZI Orphanage to celebrate charismas with Mama AZI and the children of AZI Orphanage. There we meet Mama AZI, Mr Henry(Social Worker), Atemkeng Glades Alanji and 27 children of

  • Word Aids Day 2015

    Getting To Zero And No Discrimination To mark the World Aids Day annually celebrated on the 1st Dec 2015, Living Green Cameroon in close collaboration with the Ministry of Public Health took yet again the front line to eliminate Stigma, Ignorance and Negligence targeting vulnerable groups within our respective communities and schools. Our progr

  • Seminar on Youth Leadership & the Wealth of the Great Outdoors

    Youth Leadership & the Wealth of the Great Outdoors. National Recreational Parks and National Public Gardens. The inaugural seminar organised by William BELLO and the team at WC1A Consulting took place on Monday November 30th, 2015. The event was held in an elegant hall at the British Language Institute at Akwa, Douala. On the menu for the day, we

  • The Clean Water Project

    Clean drinking water brings Sustainable Development in the community Living Green Cameroon (LGC) is very pleased to report The Clean Water Project which is currently changing lives of thousands people plus more. Kumba is known to have water problems from the word go. Pipe born water provided by CAMWATER is not regular and sometime flow with brown

  • Lunching The Digital Library Project

    The Digital Library Project Mobilize, Advocate, Educate and Empower. Living Green Cameroon (LGC) believe that the world is better off when every person is able to use a computer and also have access to the internet. The Digital Library Project (DLP) is a computer training project for vulnerable person. A Community Outreach Project (COP) with an

  • Living Green Cameroon Cyber Café

    Information and Communication are very important factors for community development and with the aid of internet many people are now able to access information and communicate with others as easy as never before. Statistics from the Ministry of Post Communication states that 95% of people living within developing community can’t afford a compute

  • Living Green Cameroon visits AZI Orphanage

    Living Green Cameroon (LGC) out for a visit at AZI Orphanage Akale Street Fiango Kumba. On the 09th Jan 2015 a team of 5 from LCG visited AZI Orphanage at 08 AM. A team of Lulu Stangier, Kamga Favour, Dago P, Enoh Doris, Ebile Francis. At the orphanage they meet with Mama AZI; mother of AZI orphanage, 2 sister of Mama AZI helping at the orphana

  • Living Green Cameroon office

    Living Green Cameroon (LCG) was founded in 2008, obtain legal status 10th August 2011, at the time located at the Pyramid building opposite Total Bojour Buea Road donate by Jin Foundation. LGC carried on their work and stay committed to the community but will face plethora challenges due to small office space, no toilet and very noisy environmen