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650 million people live without safe water.

M2.3 billion people don't have acess to adequate sanitation,one in three of the world's population.

Over 315,000 children die every year from diarrhoeal diseases caused by unsafe water and poor sanitation that's 900 children a day.

material-costs are, according to requirements,currently determined on site

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The Clean Water Project

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Clean drinking water brings Sustainable Development in the community

Living Green Cameroon (LGC) is very pleased to report The Clean Water Project which is currently changing lives of thousands people plus more. Kumba is known to have water problems from the word go. Pipe born water provided by CAMWATER is not regular and sometime flow with brown color and strong smell making the need for Clean and Regular Drinking Water increasing every day. In early 2012, Kumba was hit by water crisis that plunged Kumba into a potential cholera plagued city, typhoid, dysentery and skin rashes. This water crisis lasted for several months creating massive despair among communities and schools. In search for a lasting solution to this ongoing water crisis, LGC targeted and marked the Cassava Farm Spring Water including others within the South West Region, Kumba and its environs. The Cassava Farm Spring Water was discovered in 1971by a farmer and till date the community of Mbonge Road and its environ has been using the spring for drinking and other domestic needs. Though not very suitable for drinking due to its exposure to surface contamination, furthermore the thirsty populations will dirty the water while filling up their jerrycans due to poor access to the spring. The community is left with no alternative but to drink anything they can find. Taking into consideration the numerous advantages of a spring water source, Fresh and regular water supply. The Cassava Farm Spring will be develop to provide good drinking water, hygiene and sanitation to the entire community and visitors. Let's go Work started at the spring on the 3rd November 2015. Ewane Charles and Nfor Valentine as the main technicians, supervised by Dinga F. Fofung(LGC), Ebile Francis(LGC) and Ekoko Samuel Itoe( Community Leader/ Quarter head).


Community Water Maintenance Team: This is a team of 12 dedicated community volunteers trained for maintenance, supervision and to promote good hygiene practices in the community through door to do sensitization, radio programs and at the spring site. The community water maintenance team is lead by the quarter head of Cassava Mbonge Road; Mr Ekoko Samuel Itoe (Nkume).

Water, Hygiene and Sanitation

Prior the official opening of the Clean Water Project, Living Green Cameroon in close collaboration with the Delegation of Public Health (DPH) kumba, carried out a 3 days intensive community outreach sensitization campaign titled "Clean Water is Health". The campaign encourage and promote good hygiene practices for good health. Throughout the campaign community members were very cooperative and the campaign objectives when across successfully.

Official Opening of the Clean Water Project.

The official opening ceremony of The Clean Water Project took place on the 17th December 2015, 10:00am at the project site. In attendance was the Delegate of Youths Affairs, Delegate of Public Health, Mayor of Kumba 1 Council, Hygiene and Sanitation Department of the Kumba City Council, also student from Divine High School, Month Camel Nursery and Primary School, community members, traditional groups and the media. The event started with an opening prayer, proceeding with a speech from the Mayor Kumba 1 Council during which he congratulated Living Green Cameroon for a mission well accomplish, finally ace the cake by recommended Living Green Cameroon to join partnership with the Council for community development and leadership. Finally the key to the water thank top cover was then handed to the quarter head(Nkume) of Mbonge Road Cassava Farm by the Delegate of Public Health, Dr Mba to symbolize the official handing over of the water to the community for the use of the entire community. The Delegate of Public Health advise the community leader (Quarter Head) to ensure and promote good hygiene practices for a healthy community.

Economic benefit of The Clean Water Project

The big news about that Clean Water Project is not only significant in ensuring a healthy community and stamping out waterborne diseases such as Cholera, Diarrhea Dysentery and Skin rashes that has been troubling these communities for far too long but The Clean Water Project is equally a boost to the economic growth of these communities and households, very well contributing in poverty eradication. Just in a week up to 5 families are now into a small scale business of selling drinking water in plastic bottles at the community commercial areas and in front of their homes generating income to sustain their families. With no one left behind, no more walking very long distances in search of clean water, children now stay comfortable in class. We believe that the future has been unlocked.

Our Pledge

The Clean Water Project is making headlines, drawing the attention of people within the environs of Kumba who are equally facing water crisis, there is now a more urgent call for action. In presenting this report we reflect on many factors and equally witnessing the positive impact the Clean Water Project in the lives of many we say it's worth the day and night efforts of Living Green Cameroon and we say thank you for your generous support without which none of this would be possible. Today we have got the enthusiasm to go father in providing clean drinking water to other communities facing water crisis. Taking the task to provide Clean Drinking Water to these communities in need, Living Green Cameroon take forth its priority towards the United Nations and the Global Community as a whole to positively contribute locally in the challenges and collective efforts towards achievement the UN Millennium Development Goals(MDG). Millions of people don’t have access to a flushing toilet or latrine. All of these issues can cause water­borne illness, and even death. Together, we can help communities get access to improved water and sanitation through improvements such as wells, filtration systems, latrines and sanitation education. Join Living Green Cameroon as we continue to work to provide clean water and better sanitation for every community, every family and for every child.


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Living Green Cameroon is looking for young men and women willing to put their time and talent at work. We offer volunteer opportunities from diverse areas and walks of life.

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Living Green Cameroon is looking for young men and women willing to put their time and talent at work. We offer volunteer opportunities from diverse areas and walks of life.