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Living Green Cameron takes forward action in closing the gap between intentions and actions by directly connecting youths, community, and resources. One of LGC's recent community outreach programs/projects has included, spring water development, sensitizing the community on hygiene and sanitation to prevent water born diseases, visiting schools, vocational center for deaf and Dump, neglected villages and various orphanages throughout Kumba and its environs, engaging with them in Health, lifestyle and HIV/AIDS education as well as creating fundraising plans for school fees so that every child can attend school from the beginning of every academic year. LGC is also engage in teaching orphanage children income generating activities; Paper beads, Paintings. We are quickly inspired to want to take on more engaging role in our communities. As youths, to us this is an opportunity to take responsibility of our lives, community and our future and becoming more serious about youths affairs and creative community development. Community development is complex and has complex challenges, but we have learned that by making more innovative space for more youths to plug into our activities and seeking new perspectives will create real long term solutions.

How we raise Money

Living Green Cameroon is supported by generous donors. We also receive money from governments, individual sponsors and other partners.

How we Spend Money

Our budget is spent project, events and community outreach programs. You'd be impressed about how your donations can change lives. Money received goes directly to the need intended.

Living Green Cameroon Area of interested

  • Poverty
  • Rural Agriculture
  • Girls Education
  • Malnutrition
  • Afforestation
  • Child Labor
  • Malaria
  • Agriculture
  • Royal Exodus
  • Gender Inequality
  • Hunger
  • Youth Development
  • Unemployment
  • Climate Change
  • Clean Drinking Water
  • Draught
  • Early Child Education