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Building a Home for Azi Orphanage

8 July 0

Imagine living in a 2-bedroom house with 28 of your siblings. Your mother is sick and paying the rent becomes an increasing burden you are not sure you and your family will be able to bear; eviction is a constant threat. This is the unfortunate reality of Azi Orphanage, an orphanage located in Kumba, Cameroon. But all hope is not lost. Living Green Cameroon, an emerging NGO in Kumba focused on Community Development and enhanced livelihoods for members of their community is eager to assist Azi in a transition to a home they can call their own. With the recent donation of a large piece of land in an ideal location, Living Green Cameroon aspires to aid and facilitate the building of a home for the children of Azi Orphanage. The single mother who cares for 29 children at Azi Orphanage has recently developed severe medical conditions including dementia, difficulty walking and inhibited vision. Because of age and lack of funds, it is unfortunately likely that she will not be around much longer to care for the children. On top of this eminent issue, their landlord has recently evicted them from their house and they have moved to a new location that is far from ideal and very expensive. To continue paying rent on this new property will be a burden Azi Orphanage will struggle to carry for many years to come. Fortunately, the Kumba Council recognized the situation at hand and has donated a sizable piece of land for the building of a new home for the family at Azi. Living Green Cameroon hopes to design and oversee the building of a new home for Azi Orphanage; aiding them in transition from economic disparity and an unhealthy living environment to creating somewhere they can truly call home. Living Green Cameroon aspires to transform the lives of children at Azi Orphanage by building them a home that ensures a healthy, comfortable and happy living environment where they can flourish. By December 2016, a house will be built and the children at Azi Orphanage will live comfortably without the economic strain of rent or fear of eviction. Living Green Cameroon is comprised of 14 dedicated staff members and volunteers who will be all hands on deck with the application and implementation of this project. With their various backgrounds and unique skills as well as being highly connected in the community, LGC is confident in their ability to efficiently execute on their mission. With your support we YES we can. It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken youths The children need you more, your support, your time and your mentorship. With your support we will build a house for AZI Orphanage, a place the can call home. Thank you Living Green Cameroon

“The Climate Reality Project”

8 July 0

This summer, you have a chance to do just that by becoming a Climate Reality Leader at our training in Houston, Texas on August 16–18. And whether or not you call Texas home, we hope you’ll join us. Why Texas? As average temperatures have increased over the past five decades thanks to rising greenhouse gas emissions, more intense floods, droughts, and heat waves are becoming a regular fact of life for more and more parts of the world. And that’s especially true in the Lone Star State. But the good news is Texas hasn’t just been on the receiving end of climate change – it’s also become a national leader in clean energy solutions, thanks to an abundance of wind energy. Between its wide open spaces and the flatlands of the Great Plains, Texas is perfectly situated for steady, sustained winds ideal for energy production. We’re heading to Houston to explore this success story in the making and hear how regular Texans are taking practical steps to stop the climate change devastating their state – and helping transform its economy along the way. It’s an important story with important lessons about the future of our planet for all of us, no matter where we live. At this three-day event, you’ll learn more about the clean energy revolution underway in Texas. You’ll also learn from former US Vice President Al Gore how to talk to people everywhere about the urgent crisis we face. You’ll learn the key science behind climate change and the latest on the solutions we have today. And you’ll work with experts in fields like communications, climate science, and grassroots organizing to learn how to inspire audiences to take action on the greatest challenge of our time. Ready to get started? Apply now to join us at our next Climate Reality Leadership Corps training in Houston and help us build the movement that will stop climate change and create a healthy future for our planet.


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