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About us

Who we are

Welcome to Living Green Cameroon (L.G.C)

Living Green Cameroon (L.G.C) is a Not for Profit Non Governmental Organization (NGO) founded in 2005 by student volunteers, registered in kumba, Ref No: 39/D14/5/395 in accordance with Law No. 90/053 of 19th December 1990 governing the Freedom of Associations in Cameroon. Head quarter: Kumba, Meme Division South West Region, Republic of Cameroon.

"Living Green means making positive choices for a positive lifestyle."

Vision of Living Green Cameroon

The Vision of Living Green Cameroon is to ensure a community where youth positive change, a community safe for every child.

  • Promote art and culture
  • Ensure gender equality among youths.
  • Give a voice to youths with disabilities.
  • Promote positive thinking, and self expression.
  • Empower youths for self-reliance and build hope.
  • Integrate youths base activities and community base activities.
  • Create positive experience that goes beyond necessity and brings about unexpected delight to youths facing a variety of challenges.
  • Combat social-cultural ills affecting our youths as well as striving to ensure a future free from social malice including; HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Unemployment Juvenile delinquency, Modern Day Slavery and Drug addiction (Indian hem, Heroin, cocaine, crack etc).

Mission of Living Green Cameroon

  • The mission of Living Green Cameroon our grassroots communities today.

Goals of Living Green Cameroon

  • The goal of Living Green Cameroon grassroots communities a better place.

Motivation of Living Green Cameroon

  • Living Green Cameroon is made up of youths who come from these affected grassroots communities. Growing up in these communities and witnessing these problems at first hand; poverty, hunger, child abuse, gender inequality, drug abuse, crime wave, diseases, juvenile delinquency, lack of quality education, corruption, cultural related violence and environmental hazards yet no adequate solution is being implemented This is why LGC has come together to take collective action and generate lasting solutions to these problems.

Living Green Cameroon areas of focus

  • Health
  • pverty
  • Human Rights
  • Climate Change
  • Gender Equaltity
  • Modern Day Slavery
  • Youths Empowerment
  • Environment Protection
  • Community Development
  • Child Education Child Protection


The Objective of Living Green Cameroon is to empower vulnerable youths to become active forces against Socio-Cultural and Economic ills affecting our grassroots communities today through capacity based training.

  • Living Green Cameroon is aim on eradicate unemployment among youths by enlightening youths on various way to become self employed. This will be done by organizing workshops, teaching youths on creativity such as, how to produce Soap, "Omo" and in other fields which include arts, agriculture etc.
  • Living Green Cameroon will engage scheme within the community that protects the rights of every women and child.
  • Living Green Cameroon is aim on eradication crime wave among youths, by holding seminal, side shows, dramatization of the ills of crimes in our societies today. This also include promoting extra curricular activities in school that says NO to crime and juvenile delinquency.
  • Living Green Cameroon is aim on educating vulnerable youths on HIV/AIDS, the importance to know their status and hold talks on Abstinence Fidelity and Condoms.
  • Living Green Cameroon will put in place measures to combat poverty and hunger in royal areas. This will be done by educating farmers into practicing modern agricultural techniques.
  • Working hand in hand with community members for sustainable community development.

How we work (Methods of presentation)

Door to door sensitization
Organizing TV and Radio Programs
Visit to schools
Prepare and distribution of educational material

Having pears to pear conversations
Distribution of topics related awareness T-shirts face cap
Music and side shows
Community outreach programs

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